Joanna Świątek
Joanna Świątek


I am an expert in commercial law, in particular corporate law. I have established about five hundred companies, liquidated several dozen and transformed several of them. My professional interests are also focused on bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings.

I have gained professional experience through cooperation with recognised law firms in Warsaw and Lublin, where I have provided ongoing support for commercial entities. I have provided advice to entrepreneurs operating in the energy, industry, food, fuel and construction sectors.

I completed legal counsel training at the District Board of the Chamber of Legal Counsels in Lublin. I graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Opole and the Faculty of Philology at the same university.

Tytuł zastępczy

I think out of the box. I act in an innovative, dynamic and effective way.

Fields of activity

I offer comprehensive support in all fields of commercial law for companies and individual entrepreneurs. I represent clients in court, administrative proceedings and arbitration proceedings. The text beside outlines my main fields of activity.

I also provide legal assistance in English.

I deal with all aspects related to the functioning of commercial companies. I provide assistance not only in the establishment of companies, but also in their safe functioning and dissolution. My services include:

- establishing companies and providing them with ongoing legal support,

- preparing company deeds and articles of association,

- supporting corporate bodies and their meetings,

- Due diligence (financial and legal audit),

- registering changes concerning companies in the National Court Register,

- merger, division and liquidation of companies.

I help my clients to choose the optimal form of business in terms of taxation and the possibilities of obtaining external financing. Thanks to close cooperation with a tax advisor, I am able to guarantee my clients full security during and after the process of transformation. My services include:

- providing assistance in setting an optimal transformation date,

- preparing transformation plans,

- preparing company deeds and articles of association,

- preparing draft resolutions,

- registering transformations in the National Court Register,

- preparing transformation documentation.

Reprezentuję Klientów w postępowaniach przed Wojewódzki Inspektorem Farmaceutycznym oraz Głównym Inspektorem Farmaceutycznym, w tym w szczególności: 

- w postępowaniu w wydania zezwolenia na prowadzenie apteki ogólnodostępnej, 

- w postępowaniu o zmianę zezwolenia na prowadzenie apteki ogólnodostępnej, 

- w postępowaniu o cofnięcie zezwolenia na prowadzenie apteki ogólnodostępnej. 

Planuję i przeprowadzam transakcje sprzedaży apteki (w tym w formie zorganizowanej części przedsiębiorstwa), jak również sprzedaży spółek aptecznych. 

I provide legal advice by supporting and representing clients in commercial negotiations, as well as evaluating and preparing contracts. I represent clients in court cases related to the proper or improper performance of contracts. My services include:

- preparing contracts in the scope of civil law, commercial law and business law,

- verifying contractual provisions in terms of possible risks for the client, legality and correctness,

- supporting and representing clients in commercial negotiations,

- supervising the proper performance of contracts,

- securing the proper performance of contracts,

- representing clients in court cases related to the proper or improper performance of contracts.

I have years of experience in cooperation with a receiver. I provide creditors and (bankrupt) debtors with comprehensive legal assistance in bankruptcy proceedings. I advise companies on restructuring, sanative and arrangement proceedings. I conduct negotiations with creditors. My services include:

- legal support for receivers,

- preparing bankruptcy petitions,

- raising claims to the bankruptcy estate,

- representing creditors and (bankrupt) debtors in bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings.

- preparing petitions for decommitment of liabilities remaining after the end of bankruptcy proceedings

- preparing petitions for disqualification from the practice of commercial activities.

I provide comprehensive legal support in court, administrative proceedings, court and administrative proceedings, as well as arbitration proceedings. I develop an optimal trial strategy to enforce my clients' rights in an effective and quick way and to provide them with maximum protection, if necessary. I represent clients in:

- suits for payment,

- corporate cases,

- civil cases,

- while collar crime cases,

- administrative, as well as court and administrative cases

- cases before arbitration courts.


As an Attorney-at-Law, I always try to best understand my Clients’ needs in order to provide them with maximum legal security. I take an individual approach to each and every Client. My knowledge and experience serve both small and medium-sized enterprises and some of the largest companies in Poland. Appreciation from my Clients motivates me to continue to do my best and enhance my professional skills.